Beginners Courses

The Takemusu Aikido Midlands Beginner’s Course is a 4-6 Weekly course designed to give those interested in started aikido the smoothest start possible. Those attending a beginner’s course can expected the following:

  • Small ratio of beginner to senior.
  • All seniors focusing on the development of the beginner.
  • Introduction to the weapon systems of Jo, Bokken and Tanto
  • Detailed guidance on dojo etiquette.
  • Non-judgemental atmosphere conducive to a high level of learning.
  • Detailed guidance on safely receiving techniques.
  • Introduction to 3 of the principle techniques, Ikkyo, Kotegaeishi and Kokyonage.
  • Invitation to join the regular class directly after the beginner’s class.
  • Discounted full membership fee for the first year.

These courses will be three times a year. Watch this space for details on the next one.

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